Keep alive your Love and Awareness !
Sa tinem vie flacara Iubirii si a Constientei !
"Terra-A world that was about to be destroyed by our lack of Love and Awareness(the misuse of our consciousness)"[ Kogi Civilization]
"Terra- O lume care a fost pe punctul de a fi distrusa din cauza lipsei noastre de Iubire si de Constienta(utilizarea gresita a constientei)[ Kogi Civilization]
"Without going outside,You can know the whole universe. Without looking out,You can see the Way of Heaven/Fara sa treci pragul usii, se poate cunoaste intreg universul, Fara sa privesti pe fereastra,se poate vedea Calea Cerului" (Lao Tzu 47)
Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional
Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional/Fiecare fiinta constienta din acest univers este multi-dimensionala;"A crede nu este suficient. Trebuie sa Vedeti si sa descoperiti experimental ca stelele se afla in raza dvs. de actiune fiindca sunteti deja inzestrati cu o nava cu hiperpropulsie(care curbeaza spatiul si timpul)- propriul dvs. corp,ce poate calatori in timp si spatiu in intregul univers"(Mirahorian);"Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional;Believing is not enough.You need to SEE that the stars are within your reach because you have already a hyperdrive ship to travel in all the universe-your own body" -(Mirahorian).Daca nu ati auzit pana acum de la cei care va tin prizonieri, de la cei care v-au implantat false credinte si identitati(gardienii care v-au virusat) aflati ca orice fiinta umana de pe Terra apartine unei civilizatii extraterestre superavansate de grad IV, in care fiecare entitate este eterna si poate insamanta noi universuri, se poate teleporta, poate calatori in timp si spatiu, fara alte mijloace tehnologice in afara generatorului de impulsuri, care este propriul creier(toate entitatile biologice extratereste sunt interdimensionale ca si noi; entitatile din Zeta Reticuli, cu pielea similara cu cea a delfinilor, pe care acestea ii considera veri, nu au putut fi tinute captive decat in incinte in care se mentinea un puternic camp electromagnetic, care impiedica shiftul, iesirea din dimensiunea noastra; nordicii sau blonzii nu au putut fi niciodata sa fie capturati, incarcerati).
Huge spaceship on the Moon/Nave uriase pe Luna
EBE Mona Lisa" was found by the LEM crew in one of the two triangular spacecrafts resting on the far side of the Moon, not too far from the cigar-shaped object where "Mona Lisa"- Pilotul uneia din cele doua nave triunghiulare(modul de salvare) aflate in vecinatatea navei in forma de trabuc de 4 km lungime si diametru de 551 m, care a creat pe fata ascunsa a Lunii un crater a carui varsta este estimata la 3,5 miliarde de ani
"In the composing of music you have to enter virtually a trance state to transmit songs. I don't think you write songs. They come through you"(Sting)
Revealing the Hidden Nature of Human Being as a bridge in the Awakening of the Consciousness of the Universe is a knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history. This blog is dedicated to the awakening of self-knowledge of the universe manifested in us that will reveal our hidden powers that can help the man to discover his true identity and to save THE EARTH and our civilization from self-annihilation.

In acest site sunt evidentiate traditiile prin care omul redevine puntea prin care universul redevine constient de el insusi si isi descopera adevarata sa identitate de fiinta spirituala manifestata in corp material;acest proces de trezire a universului conduce la manifestarea puterilor divine ale omului care poate sa restabileasca armonia si sa repare matricea energetica si informationala a Terrei si a universului.

Cea mai mare dintre toate invataturile spirituale este ca Scanteia Divina se afla in fiecare dintre noi, in miezul fiintei noastre
Iisus spunea: «Imparatia lui Dumnezeu nu vine in asa fel ca sa izbeasca privirile. Nu se poate zice: Uite-o aici ! sau: "Uite-o acolo!"
Caci iata ca Imparatia lui Dumnezeu este inlauntrul vostru"»
(Luca 17.20-21; Rom.144.17; Vers.23)].
The greatest of all spiritual teaching is that the Divine spark is inside you, in your Heart; You can discover your treasure using love and awareness to awake yourself.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Quotes:
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience
We are spiritual beings having a human experience"
"Nu suntem fiinte umane care au o experienta spirituala
Suntem fiinte spirituale care au o experienta umana(in trup material)"
Adica nu suntem paharul(vasul material),
ci apa nemuritoare a vietii aflata in el
Namely,we aren't the vessel, the glass of water ,
but the immortal water in it

Din aceasta cauza vine constatarea de mai jos:
That is why Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said:

"Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven't committed"

"Imbatranirea este ca si cum am fi progresiv pedepsiti pt. o crima pe care nu am comis-o"

What we haven't committed ?
We didn't link our material body to the source...the spring of life..we didn't realized the graal in our heart , the awakening of love, the holographic state of existence
Ce nu am facut ?
Nu am racordat corpul material la izvorul am realizat in inima noastra graalul,trezirea iubirii,starea holografica de existenta...
This process of awakening to our true identity is taking place in a state beyond subject-object duality of holographic functioning known as mystic trance or samadhi(trance,that state of mind which remains with its object without distractions; superconscious state, ecstasy, meditative or concentrative absorption, union).
ALIEN INTERVIEW/INTERVIU CU UN EXTRATERESTRU "Truth is stranger than fiction"/"Adevarul este mai straniu decat fictiunea"
Infrangerea flotei spatiale a "Vechiul Imperiu" Galactic din sistemul nostru solar in 1150 e.n a condus la inflorirea stiintei si culturii pe Terra.. "The Domain Expeditionary Force has observed a resurgence in science and culture of the Western world since 1150 AD when the remaining remnants of the space fleet of the "Old Empire" in this solar system were destroyed
The term trance is defined as an altered state of consciousness which individuals can enter through a variety of techniques, including hypnotism, drugs (aushadhi, potions, herbs, consecrated plants;see the Nahuatl– Maya’s traditions revealed by Carlos Castaneda or The Shamanic Traditions revealed by Dr. Andrija Puharich in “The Sacred Mushroom (pub. 1959),sound (particularly music ,percussive drumming-remember Mantras,(recitation of incantations,words of power, chanting,sacred chants, prayer, auto and hetero suggestions;see the King Arthur's instruction"in chant,spells and incantations" received from the druid Merlin etc.), sensory deprivation, physical hardships (eg. flagellation, starvation, exhaustion, tapas:intense desire, ascetic disciplines,purificatory acts ,austerities) and vigorous continuous rhythmic exercise (particularly dance).People can also use trance, particularly in the context of ‘ritual’ events, to learn new strategies of thinking or of relating to one another.There are different types of learning: for example what Eric Jantsch calls ‘conscious learning’ is a transaction between consciousness, the environment and memory. Jantsch also identifies ‘superconscious learning’, which takes place with the addition of ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ ways of learning. These arise through the interaction of consciousness with transpersonal mass/collective consciousness (eg. Jung’s "collective unconscious")There are other techniques which can be used for such ‘tuning in’, for example magical or shamanic practices such as visualisations, breathing techniques and ritual. Particular technologies can also be used to enhance such learning capacities, for example the ASCID (Altered States of Consciousness Induction Device) developed by Robert Masters and Jean Houston (1973). The modern electronic music dance party is one such ‘pscycho- technology’ because it is an information system, consisting of visual, auditory and sensual elements.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calatoria in timp si experimentul de la CERN (Geneva, Elve

Calatoria in timp si experimentul de la CERN (Geneva, Elvetia)

Time travel and the experiment at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland)

Experimentul din Elvetia(CERN) este indicat de John Titor in mesajele sale ( calator in timp venit din 2036) si va conduce la obtinerea de singularitati care vor face accesibila tehnologic calatoria in timp
Mesajele lui John Titor venit din anul 2036 se afla pe:

John Titor Time Traveler

Listen now to the latest news and events about John Titor, the time traveler from 2036. Oliver Williams hosts a regular half-hour videocast devoted to the physics, the time machine, and the predictions made by John Titor.

Above top secret
John Titor predicted that the CERN institution would accidentally discover the technology that allows for time travel. So far, his predictions have been tracking well with reality...CERN is now underway building their biggest-ever proton-proton collider. Some researchers have now pointed out that one result might be the creation of "Mini Black Holes", or as John Titor called them...microsingularities...

John Titor: ... the major breakthrough happens at CERN ...The creation of microsigularities...its a black hole about the size of an electron...

The CERN LHC: A Black Hole Factory?

by John G. Cramer

...there are new theoretical predictions that when the new accelerator goes into operation, the LHC's proton-proton collisions may also make something even more exotic: black holes.


New ideas suggest that gravity becomes stronger at small distances because of the effects of extra dimensions used only by gravity. In this scenario, as the effective value of G grows larger, the Planck mass drops, and the energy required to produce black holes can drop to 1 TeV, well within range of the LHC but probably out of reach for the Tevatron. Thus, the LHC may turn out to be a "black hole factory", an accelerator that makes large quantities of minimum-size black holes.

CERN begins installation on largest collider

Monday, March 7, 2005 Posted: 3:10 PM EST (2010 GMT)

GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) -- Installation of the world's largest particle physics collider began Monday with the lowering of a massive, superconducting magnet into the tunnel housing the new research facility that will draw scientists from all over the world, a spokeswoman said.
Preotii Materiei si Piramidele Secolului 21’/ The Priests that Worship the Matter and the 21st Century Pyramids
Vedeti mai mult in :/See more in:

Interviu cu un Extraterestru-Adevarul este mai straniu decat fictiunea /
ALIEN INTERVIEW- "Truth is stranger than fiction"

Omenirea are nevoie sa cunoasca raspunsurile continute in aceste documente . Cine suntem noi ? De unde venim? Care este telul nostru pe Terra ? Este omenirea singura in univers

Mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are contained in these documents. Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose on Earth? Is Mankind alone in the universe? If there is intelligent life elsewhere why have they not contacted us?

Stiinta este religia materiei. Credinta stiintei este ca manifestarea(creatia)este totul iar creatorul nimic/ Science is the religion of matter. It worships matter.The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the creator is nothing.

Religia spune ca totul este intr-un creator unic iar creatia este nimic./ Religion says the creator is all, and the creation is nothing.

Aceste doua extreme reprezinta barele celulei inchisorii/These two extremes are the bars of a prison cell.

Ele impiedica perceperea realitatii ca un intreg holografic...prezent in fiecare partea a sa /They prevent observation of all phenomenon as an interactive holographic whole, which is present in each of its parts.

Din aceasta cauza, nu priviti la savanti ca la niste salvatori ai Terrei sau ai viitorului umanitatii/ Therefore, do not look to scientists to save Earth or the future of humanity.

Asa-numita "stiinta" care este intemeiata doar pe credinta ca existenta este compusa doar din energie si din obiecte(materiale) care se misca prin spatiu nu este stiinta/ Any so-called "science" that is solely based on the paradigm that existence is composed only of energy and objects moving through space is not a science.

Astfel de fiinte ignora cu totul scanteia creativa generata de o entitate SUNT PT. A FI si actiunea colectiva a entitatilor SUNT PT. A FI care in continuare creaza universul fizic si toate universurile

Such beings utterly ignore the creative spark originated by an individual IS-BE and collective work of the IS-BEs who continually create the physical universe and all universes.

Sunteti pregatiti pt. viitor ?/Are you ready for the future?

Michio Kaku: Is Time Travel Possible?

Pe youtube exista mai multe filme despre mesajul lui John Titor in care se face referire la microsingularitatile(micro gaurile negre) ce vor fi realizate in Elvetia vor face posibila calatoria tehnologica in timp

John Titor - Time Travel Videocast
John Titor, Time Traveler from Year 2036, and the Bible Code
John Titor & Time Travel . part 1of 12
Time travel with proof
This man times travel and has proof

Povestea lui Hakan Nordkvist

Durată: 02:47Realizat: 16 Septembrie 2006 Locaţie: Kalmar, Suedia

Hans Karlsson

Håkan Nordkvist Has Visited the Future.
A person in Sweden claims to have time travelled to the future. It all happened on the afternoon the 30th of August 2006. It was a beautiful day and I was on my way home from a job in Färjestaden. When I got home, I found water on the kitchen floor. Somehow there was a leak. I got my tools and opened up the doors to the sink. And started to work.When I reached in to examine the pipes, they seemed to be further in than I remembered. I had to crawl inside the cabinet, and as I did so, I discovered that it just continued. So I kept on crawling further and further into the cabinet. In the end of the tunnel I saw a light, and when I got there, I realized I was in the future. I meet myself as 72 years old, the year was 2042. I did a lot of tests on him to see if he was really me. And the strange thing is that he knew everything about me. Where I hid my secret stuff when I was in first grade, and what the score was in the soccer match against Växjö Norra in the summer of -88. He knew it all.We even had the same tattoo, although he's was a little faded. He told me some of the stuff that will happen, but not so much. And I promised not to tell anyone. I made a film with my mobile phone. Unfortunately the quality is not the best. But it´s what I have got. Actually I don't´care if people thinks I am a liar. I know I'm not. I met myself in the future, and I was fine. That's all I know.

Read more about me and my story at

Potrivit unui comunicat remis de Consiliul European pentru Cercetari Nucleare (CERN) la inceputul lunii august, lansarea acceleratorului va putea vizionata in direct pe internet la
CERN, un acronim pentru Consiliul European pt Cercetari (Recherche) Nucleare, este cel mai mare laborator de accelerare şi studiere al particulelor elementare din lume, situat în suburbia nord-vestică a Genevei, chiar pe graniţa dintre Elveţia şi Franţa fondat de 11 guverne Europene in 1952. Convenţia internaţională privind fondarea Organizatiei Europene pt Cercetari Nucleare/Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire/ European Organization for Nuclear Research (cu pastrarea aceluiasi acronim CERN )a fost semnată în 1954 pe 29 septembrie. de 12 state din Europa.

Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire /European Organisation for Nuclear Research (nom officiel), aussi appelé laboratoire européen pour la physique des particules, plus connue sous l'acronyme CERN (acronyme de l'organe provisoire institué en 1952, le Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research), est le plus grand centre de physique des particules du monde. Le 29 septembre 1954, la convention du CERN est ratifiée par 12 États européens, le CERN est officiellement créé et se nomme maintenant Organisation européenne pour la Recherche nucléaire.

The convention establishing CERN was signed on 29 September 1954 by twelve countries in Western Europe. The acronym CERN originally stood, in French, for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research), which was a provisional council for setting up the laboratory, established by 11 European governments in 1952.

LHC First Beam - 10th September 2008 - 9am CEST (GMT+2)

Also I found out today the large hadron collider will have a video stream running when it starts up on

Potrivit unui comunicat remis de Organizatia Europeana pentru cercetari nucleare (CERN) la inceputul lunii august, lansarea acceleratorului va putea vizionata in direct pe internet la


Live webcast

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We're not so disconnected- You're Part Of Everything

We're not so disconnected- You're Part Of Everything/Nu suntem asa de separati cum cred unii dintre semenii nostrii, ca urmare a virusarii sau conditionarii
Intr-un univers holografic fiecare este o parte din tot
De ce oamenii de pe Terra isi ucid semenii ?

Din ce cauza oamenii de pe Terra ucid alte fiinte vii si distrug mediul ?

De ce oamenii de pe Terra apartin unei civilizatii care se autoanihileaza, care se sinucide ?
Din cauza ca nu s-au trezit la realitate si continua sa creada in iluzia ca sunt separati

Din cauza credintei in faptul ca se percep separati, rupti de semenii lor, si de celelalte fiinte, separati de planeta pe care s-au nascut si de univers

Asa se explica crimele, razboaiele fara sfarsit, saracia, recursul la minciuna si la calomnie. Asa se explica intoleranta si propaganda urii din partea unor religii care au uitat de mesajul lui Iisus sau al lui Buddha.
Raspandirea iubirii fara ancorare in realitatea unde multiplicitatea este Unul este o strategie sortita esecului la primul val de intoleranta, de ura.
Oamenii de pe Terra nu-si educa copiii, ci ii conditioneaza,ii dreseaza si ii viruseaza sa creada in faptul ca sunt separati. Doar astfel pot provoca durere semenilor lor ascunzandu-si ceea ce simt. Doar astfel pot devenii killeri, criminali, raketzi, tortionari, soldati in razboaiele altora..
Cum se poate opri aceasta tendinta si aceasta virusare ?

Imnul Terrei dupa mondializare:
"Desteapta-te romane"

Daca vom analiza imnurile diferitelor popoare de pe Terra vom descoperi ca ele sunt mijloace de solidarizare, de propaganda si de identificare cu niste simboluri asociate identitatii unui popor (limba,credinta, steag, teritoriu, eroi)

Doar Imnul Romaniei -"Desteapta-te romane", merita un statut aparte si ar trebui sa fie Imnul Terrei.

Nu intamplator sunt atatea tentative de a-l schimba.
"Desteapta-te romane" nu este pe placul celor care beneficiaza de pe urma dezbinarii oamenilor de aici si de pretutindeni.

Pe vremea lui Ceausescu am auzit un banc care raspundea la intrebarea :
"Cum va arata in viitor civilizatia de pe Terra?"

Raspunsul de atunci este actual si azi in epoca mondializarii:
"In viitor pe toata planeta se va vorbi limba engleza ,capitala se va afla la Moscova, presedinte va fi Itzik, iar populatia va avea ochii asa (raspunsul gestual indica : chinezii).
In completare Imnul va fi "Desteapta-te Omule"

Imnul - "Desteapta-te romane" , pe versurile poeziei cu acelasi nume ce a fost scrisa in timpul revolutiei din 1848, de Andrei Mureşanu nu exprimă doar îndemnul la deşteptare naţională, pentru apărarea idealurilor de libertate şi unitate naţională ale poporului român, ci si indemnul lui Iisus ori al lui Buddha (termen din limba sanskrita ce inseamna"trezitul, desteptatul"). Din prima strofă, poetul încearcă să trezească dorinţa de desteptare, de eliberare prin îndemnuri hotărâte: "deşteaptă-te", "croieşte-ţi".Sa ne amintim ca dacii venerau eliberarea:in lb.sanskrita "moksha"; acelasi termen se afla ascuns in Zamolxe-Calea, Puntea sau Legatura(Za) catre eliberare ("moksha"). Andrei Mureşanu credea că a venit momentul desteptarii: "Acum ori niciodată".
Omul are menirea si dreptul la trezire si la eliberare prin nastere.

Andrei Mureşanu repetă, în strofa a doua, că a sosit momentul afirmării adevaratei identitati a oamenilor (in poezia lui Andrei Mureşanu se face referinta la calitatea de urmaşi demni ai marelui împărat Traian, la originea nobilă care le dă dreptul să lupte pentru un viitor glorios aşa cum au făcut-o şi strămoşii lor, romanii).

Strofa a treia conţine îndemnul de a ridica la luptă poporul, de la cei tineri la cei bătrâni, care aşteaptă doar un semn ca să-si realizeze menirea:eliberarea prin trezire. În strofa a patra poetul cheamă din negura istoriei umbrele legendare ale marilor voievozi români: Mihai Viteazul, Ştefan cel Mare, Iancu Corvin de Hunedoara. Ei pot admira curajul şi hotărârea strănepoţilor. Aceştia sunt dornici să ducă lupta pentru eliberare până la capăt: "Viaţă-n libertate ori moarte, strigă toţi".
Living beings are not objects to be possessed and sold by the pet industry.I don't agree with the animal captivity. We are not "beings" (noun) we are in the process of "being"(verb;action). Separation of objects really is like an illusion and our interconnectedness is hidden

We are neither the created or the creators of our universe. We are participants in our universe. The difference is the difference between a noun and a verb; between an object and an action.The actual process has the appropriate name of "being", from the verb "be". We are not "beings" (noun;objects) we are in the process of "being".

We are verbs, participating through the agency of time in the process of existence. By thinking of ourselves as objects or things(nouns), we freeze ourselves outside of time and process to the point of nonsense. To update Heraclitus; not only can you never step in the same river twice, you are not the same person when you step out of a river as when you stepped in. I also think it’s “unscientific” for scientists to gloss over what so many shaman, martial artists, yogis, spiritual leaders, and Native Americans have told us all along. That they “CAN FEEL” the oneness of the universe that we are all apart of. Separation of objects really is like an illusion and our interconnectedness hints that our TRUE INTENTIONS do play a role in what happens. It’s kind of like the idea of Karma. Native Americans feel that based on your intentions and your gut feeling you can be led to things you need to do or avoid life-threatening situations. It’s like we are imprinting our intentions on some unseen dimension which is different from our physical body but affected by it nonetheless: something that may indeed prove certain aspects of spirituality.
Phenomenon - we're not so disconnected
You're Part Of Everything
Sarah brightman - no one like you. Powder
Perception - The reality beyond matter
Perceptia -realitatea este dincolo de materie, de corp si de impulsurile mentale (in lb.skrt.:"vrittis")
Ceea ce percepem noi este o realitate secunda, un model al realitatii, o constructie mentala , o oglindire prin impulsuri a realitatii ...imaginea de pe oglinda mentala nu este insasi realitatea
"Oglindirea Lunii in apa lacului nu este insasi Luna" (afirmatie Zen)
Secret beyond matter Part 1 (good sound 2008 edition )
Secret beyond matter Part 2 (good sound 2008 edition )
Secret beyond matter Part 3 (good sound 2008 edition )
We Are All Born Free & Equal
Phenomenon - Empathy
world of strange powers mind over matter 1 of 3
Requiem for a dream by Clint Mansell
Wikipedia: Clint Mansell's score for π (also known as Pi or Pi — Faith in Chaos) was followed up by his score for Aronofsky's next film, Requiem for a Dream, and the score became a cult hit. The trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers contained a rearranged version of the track "Lux Aeterna," utilizing a full orchestra and choir. The piece, named "Requiem for a Tower", was made just for the trailer. The orchestration was arranged by Simone Benyacar, Dan Nielsen, and Veigar Margeirsson. "Lux Aeterna" has since become extremely popular, with both the original and the orchestration having appeared in a wide variety of commercials and trailers, including the trailer for the Red Sox-Yankee games in the 2007 baseball season, and trailers for the films Zathura, The Da Vinci Code, Sunshine and the TV series Lost.
Picture: Amelie-Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain (Jean-Pierre Jeunet)

Director : Darren Aronofsky, Requiem for a Dream

Actor: Guy Pierce, Memento

Actress: Isabelle Hupert, The Piano Teacher

Supporting Actor: Gael Garcia Bernal, Amores Perros

Supporting Actress: Ellen Burstyn, Requiem for a Dream

Screenplay: No Man's Land - Danis Tanovic

(use of) Music: Requiem for a Dream - Clint Mansell
It is also used on Sky Sports News and as the theme for Soccer Saturday.
and in Barack Obama 2008 campaign clip
Requiem for a Dream Remix (Vote 2008)

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Aldous Huxley-How to improve your sight without glasses ?

Aldous Huxley- Cum poate fi imbunatatita vederea fara ochelari ?
Aldous Huxley-How to improve your sight without glasses ?
The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley
Arta de a vedea de Aldous Huxley
"Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him."After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music".(Aldous Huxley)
How to improve your sight without glasses
The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses,
By W. H. BATES, M.D.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Dr Bates
Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894-1963) a fost un scriitor britanic care a emigrat in Statele Unite.Vederea sa a fost slaba in ciuda scurtei perioade de refacere care i-a permis, totusi, sa studieze la Oxford. In 1939 a auzit de Metoda Bates pentru cresterea naturala a vederii, si de Margaret Corbett, care i-a predat-o. El a descris intr-o carte intitulata Arta de a vedea (The Art of Seeing, titlul cartii se mai poate traduce si prin "arta de a intelege"), care a aparut in SUA in 1942, si in 1943 in Marea Britanie, ca vederea (purta lentile de grosimea sticlei de sifon) i s-a imbunatatit substantial in urma aplicarii acestei metode. El a marturisit ca dupa ce a aplicat aceasta metoda, putea citi fara ochelari pentru prima dupa 25 de ani
Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894–1963) was an English writer and one of the most prominent members of the famous Huxley family,constdered a leader of modern thought and an intellectual of the highest rank.Huxley was a humanist and pacifist, but was also latterly interested in spiritual subjects such as parapsychology and philosophical mysticism. For most of his life, since the illness in his teens which left Huxley nearly blind, his eyesight was poor (despite the partial recovery which had enabled him to study at Oxford). Around 1939, Huxley encountered the Bates Method for better eyesight, and a teacher, Margaret Corbett, who was able to teach him in the method.Huxley said that his sight improved dramatically with the Bates Method and the extreme and pure natural lighting of the southwestern American desert. He reported that for the first time in over 25 years, he was able to read without glasses and without strain. He even tried driving a car along the dirt road beside the ranch. He wrote a book about his successes with the Bates Method, The Art of Seeing which was published in 1942 (US), 1943 (UK).

Clarke, Irwin & Co. Ltd.


First published 1943



CHAPTER I Medicine and Defective Vision 3

Medicine and Defective Vision

Ordinary Treatment Of Defective Sight

Cure or palliation of symptoms?

CHAPTER II A Method of Visual Re-Education 6

A Method of Visual Re-Education

Reasons for orthodox disapproval

The nature of an art

Basic Principle Underlying The Practice Of Every Art

CHAPTER III Sensing+ Selecting+ Perceiving= Seeing 11

Sensing+ Selecting+ Perceiving= Seeing

An illustration

Perception Determined By Memory(past conditioning)

CHAPTER IV Variability of Bodily and Mental Functioning 14

Variability of Bodily and Mental Functioning

Defective Eyes Capable Of Having Flashes Of Normal Vision

Variable eyes versus invariable spectacles

CHAPTER V Causes of Visual Mal-Functioning: Disease and Emotional Disturbances 17

Causes of Visual Mal-Functioning: Disease and Emotional Disturbances

Causes Of Visual Mal-Functioning: Boredom

Causes Of Visual Mal-Functioning: Misdirected Attention

CHAPTER VI Relaxation 23


Passive Relaxation: Palming

CHAPTER VII Blinking and Breathing 26

Blinking and Breathing

Normal And Abnormal Blinking Habits

Normal And Abnormal Breathing Habits

CHAPTER VIII The Eye, Organ of Light 29

The Eye, Organ of Light

The Current Fear Of Light

Reasons For The Fear Of Light

Casting Out Fear

Practical Techniques

Harmlessness Of Sunning

CHAPTER IX Central Fixation 33

Central Fixation

CHAPTER X Methods of Teaching the Eyes and Mind to Move 36

Methods of Teaching the Eyes and Mind to Move


Other Aids To Mobility

CHAPTER XI Flashing 40


Unconscious vision

Techniques Of Flashing

CHAPTER XII Shifting 43


Analytical Looking

The Calendar Drill

CHAPTER XIII The Mental Side of Seeing 48

The Mental Side of Seeing

CHAPTER XIV Memory and Imagination 50

Memory and Imagination

Memory As An Aid To Vision

Improving The Memory Of Letters

CHAPTER XV Myopia 57


Its Causes

Techniques of Re-Education

CHAPTER XVI Long Sight, Astigmatism, Squint 61

Long Sight, Astigmatism, Squint

Astigmatism And Squint

Diseases Of The Eyes

CHAPTER XVII Some Difficult Seeing-Situations 66

Some Difficult Seeing-Situations


Looking At Unfamiliar Objects


CHAPTER XVIII Lighting Conditions 71

Lighting Conditions



solicitati utilizarea metodei de relaxare pilotata pt. imbunatatirea vederii si
cartea lui A. Huxley la adresa:



Exercitii de intarire a vederii prin Metoda Bates(extrasul este incomplet)
Vedeti mai jos cartea lui Bates
In 1978, after the copyright on the original edition had expired, Health Research Books began to sell reprints, which are still available.
Except where noted, this electronic version contains the entire text of the original edition.

  • Front Matter
  • Preface
  • Contents
  • List of Illustrations

  • Chapter I: Introductory Prevalence of errors of refraction - Believed to be incurable and practically unpreventable - The eye regarded as a blunder of Nature - Facts which seem to justify this conclusion - Failure of all efforts to prevent the development of eye defects - Futility of prevailing methods of treatment - Conflict of facts with the theory of incurability of errors of refraction - These facts commonly explained away or ignored - The author unable to ignore them, or to accept current explanations - Finally forced to reject accepted theories.

  • Chapter II: Simultaneous Retinoscopy Retinoscopy the source of much of the information presented in this book - What the retinoscope is - Its possibilities not realized - Commonly used only under artificial conditions - Used by the author under the conditions of life on human beings and the lower animals - Thus many new facts were discovered - Conflict of these facts with accepted theories - Resulting investigations.

  • Chapter III: Evidence for the Accepted Theory of Accommodation Development of the theory - Behavior of the lens in accommodation as noted by Helmholtz - General acceptance of these observations as facts - Abandonment by Arlt of the true explanation of accommodation - Inability of Helmholtz to explain satisfactorily the supposed change of form in the lens - Question still unsettled - Apparent accommodation in lensless eyes - Curious and unscientific theories advanced to account for it - Voluntary production of astigmatism - Impossibility of reconciling it with the theory of an inextensible eyeball.

  • Chapter IV: The Truth about Accommodation as Demonstrated by Experiments on the Eye Muscles of Fish, Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Other Animals Disputed function of the external muscles of the eyeball - Once regarded as possible factors in accommodation - This idea dismissed after supposed demonstration that accommodation depends upon the lens - Author's experiments demonstrate that accommodation depends wholly upon these muscles - Accommodation prevented and produced at will by their manipulation - Also errors of refraction - The oblique muscles of accommodation - The recti concerned in the production of hypermetropia and astigmatism - No accommodation with one oblique cut, paralyzed, or absent - Paralysis of accommodation in experimental animals accomplished only by injection of atropine deep into the orbit, so as to reach the oblique muscles - Accommodation unaffected by removal of the lens - Fourth cranial nerve supplying superior oblique muscle a nerve of accommodation - Sources of error believed to have been eliminated in experiments.

  • Chapter V: The Truth about Accommodation as Demonstrated by a Study of Images Reflected from the Lens, Cornea, Iris and Sclera Technique of Helmholtz defective - Image obtained by his method on the front of the lens not sufficiently distinct or stable to be measured - Failure of author to get reliable image with various sources of light - Success with 1,000-watt lamp, diaphragm and condenser - Image photographed - Images on cornea, iris, lens and sclera also photographed - Results confirmed earlier observations - Eyeball changes its shape during accommodation - Lens does not - Strain to see at near-point produces hypermetropia - Strain to see at distance myopia - Method of obtaining the corneal image.

  • Chapter VI: The Truth about Accommodation as Demonstrated by Clinical Observations Results of experimental work confirmed by clinical observations - Atropine supposed to prevent accommodation - Conflict of facts with this theory - Normal accommodation observed in eyes under influence of atropine for long periods - Evidence of these cases against accepted theories overwhelming - Cases of accommodation in lensless eyes observed by author - Reality of the apparent act of accommodation demonstrated by the retinoscope - Evidence from the cure of presbyopia - Harmony of all clinical observations with views of accommodation and errors of refraction presented in this book.

  • Chapter VII: The Variability of the Refraction of the Eye Refractive states supposed to be permanent - Retinoscope demonstrates the contrary - Normal sight never continuous - Refractive errors always changing - Conditions which produce errors of refraction - Variability of refractive states the cause of many accidents - Also of much statistical confusion.

  • Chapter XII: What Glasses Do to Us The sins of Salvino degli Armati, reputed inventor of spectacles - How glasses harm the eyes - Sight never improved by them to normal - Always resented at first by the eye - Objects of vision distorted by them - Disagreeable sensations produced - Field of vision contracted - Difficulty of keeping the glass clean - Reflection of light from lenses annoying and dangerous - Inconvenience of glasses to physically active persons - Effect on personal appearance - No muscular strain relieved by them - Apparent benefits often due to mental suggestion - Fortunate that many patients refuse to wear them - At best an unsatisfactory substitute for normal sight.

  • Chapter IX: Cause and Cure of Errors of Refraction All abnormal action of external muscles of the eyeball accompanied by a strain to see - With relief of this strain all errors of refraction disappear - Myopia (or lessening of hypermetropia) associated with strain to see at the distance - Hypermetropia (or lessening of myopia) associated with strain to see at the near-point - Facts easily demonstrated by retinoscope - Effect of strain at the near-point accounts for apparent loss of accommodation in the lensless eye - Mental origin of eyestrain - Accounts for effect of civilization on the eye - Lower animals affected as man is - Remedy to get rid of mental strain - Temporary relaxation easy - Permanent relaxation may be difficult - Eyes not rested by sleep or tired by use - Rested only by resting the mind - Time required for a cure.

  • Chapter X: Strain Foundation of the strain to see - Act of seeing passive - Same true of action of all sensory nerves - Their efficiency impaired when made the subject of effort - The mind the source of all such efforts brought to bear upon the eye - Mental strain of any kind produces eyestrain - This strain takes many forms - Results in production of many abnormal conditions - Circulation disturbed by strain - Normal circulation restored by mental control - Thus errors of refraction and other abnormal conditions are cured.

  • Chapter XI: Central Fixation The center of sight - The eye normally sees one part of everything it looks at best - Central fixation lost in all abnormal conditions of the eye - Cause of mental strain - With central fixation the eye is perfectly at rest - Can be used indefinitely without fatigue - Open and quiet - No wrinkles or dark circles around it - Visual axes parallel - With eccentric fixation the contrary is the case - Eccentric fixation cured by any method that relieves strain - Limits of vision determined by central fixation - Organic diseases relieved or cured by it - No limit can be set to its possibilities - Relation to general efficiency and general health.

  • Chapter XII: Palming Relaxation with the eyes shut - With light excluded by palms of the hands (palming) - Evidence of complete relaxation in palming - Of incomplete relaxation - Difficulties of palming - How dealt with - Futility of effort - All the sensory nerves relaxed by successful palming - Pain relieved in all parts of the body - Patients who succeed at once are quickly cured- A minority not helped and should try other methods.

  • Chapter XIII: Memory As an Aid to Vision Memory a test of relaxation - Memory of black most suitable for the purpose - Application of this fact to treatment of functional eye troubles - Sensation not a reliable index of strain - Memory of black is - Enables the patient to avoid conditions that produce strain - Conditions favorable to memory - Retention of memory under unfavorable conditions - Quick cures by its aid - A great help to other mental processes - Tests of a perfect memory.

  • Chapter XIV: Imagination As an Aid to Vision Retinal impressions interpreted by the mind - Memory or imagination normally used as an aid to sight - In imperfect sight the mind adds imperfections to the imperfect retinal image - Only a small part of the phenomena of refractive errors accounted for by the inaccuracy of the focus - Difference between the photographic picture when the camera is out of focus and the visual impressions of the mind when the eye is out of focus - Patients helped by understanding of this fact - Dependence of imagination upon memory - Coincidence of both with sight - Perfect imagination dependent upon relaxation - Therefore imagination cures - Method of using it for this purpose - Remarkable cures effected by it.

  • Chapter XV: Shifting and Swinging Apparent movement of objects regarded with normal vision - Due to unconscious shifting of the eye - Impossibility of fixing a point for an appreciable length of time - Lowering of vision by attempt to do so - Inconspicuousness of normal shifting - Its incredible rapidity - Staring an important factor in the production of imperfect sight - Tendency to stare corrected by conscious shifting and realization of apparent movement resulting from it - Conditions of success with shifting - The universal swing - Methods of shifting - Cures effected by this means.

  • Chapter XVI: The Illusions of Imperfect and of Normal Sight Normal and abnormal illusions - Illusions of color - Of size - Of form - Of number - Of location - Of nonexistent objects - Of complementary colors - Of the color of the sun - Blind spots - Twinkling stars - Cause of illusions of imperfect sight - Voluntary production of illusions - Illusions of central fixation - Normal illusions of color - Illusions produced by shifting - The upright position of objects regarded an illusion.

  • Chapter XVII: Vision Under Adverse Conditions a Benefit to the Eye* Erroneous ideas of ocular hygiene - Conditions supposedly injurious may be a benefit to the eye - No foundation for universal fear of the light - Of looking at a strong electric light - Not light but darkness a danger to the eye - Sudden contrasts of light may be beneficial - Advantages of the movies - Benefits of reading fine print - Reading in moving vehicles - In a recumbent posture - Vision under difficult conditions good mental training.

  • Chapter XVIII: Optimums and Pessimums All objects not seen equally well when sight is imperfect - The eye has its optimums and pessimums - Some easily accounted for - Others unaccountable - Familiar objects optimums - Unfamiliar objects pessimums - Examples of unaccountable optimums and pessimums - Variability of optimums and pessimums - Test card usually a pessimum - Pessimums which the patient is not conscious of seeing - Pessimums associated with a strain to see - How pessimums may become optimums.

  • Chapter XVIXThe Relief of Pain and Other Symptoms by the Aid of the Memory No pain felt when the memory is perfect - All the senses improved - Efficiency of the mind increased - Operations performed without anaesthetics - Organic disorders relieved - Facts not fully explained, but attested by numerous proofs - Possible relationship of the principle involved to cures of Faith Curists and Christian Scientists.

  • Chapter XX: Presbyopia: Its Cause and Cure Failure of near vision as age advances - Supposed normality of this phenomenon - Near-points expected at different ages - Many do not fit this schedule - Some never become presbyopic - Some retain normal vision for some objects while presbyopic for others - First and second of these classes of cases explained away or ignored - Third not heretofore observed - Presbyopia both preventable and curable - Due to a strain to see at the near-point - No necessary connection with age - Lens may flatten and lose refractive power with advancing years, but not necessarily - Temporary increase of presbyopia by strain at the nearpoint - Temporary relief by closing the eyes or palming - Permanent relief by permanent relief of strain - How the author cured himself - Other cures - Danger of putting on glasses at the presbyopic age - Prevention of presbyopia.

  • Chapter XXI: Squint and Amblyopia: Their Cause Definition of squint - Theories as to its cause - Failure of these theories to fit the facts - Failure of operative treatment - State of the vision not an important factor - Amblyopia ex anopsia - Association with squint not invariable - Supposed incurability - Spontaneous recovery - Curious forms of double vision in squint - Invariable association of squint and amblyopia with strain - Invariable relief following relief of strain - Voluntary production of squint by strain.

  • Chapter XXIISquint and Amblyopia: Their Cure Squint and amblyopia purely functional troubles - Cured by any method that relieves strain - Relaxation sometimes gained by voluntary increase of squint, or production of other kinds - Remarkable cure effected in this way - Strain relieved when patient is able to look more nearly in the proper direction - Proper use of a squinting eye encouraged by covering the good eye - Children cured by use of atropine in one or both eyes - Examples of cases cured by eye education.

  • Chapter XXIII: Floating Specks: Their Cause and Cure Floating specks a common phenomenon of imperfect sight - Their appearance and behavior - Theories as to their origin - A fruitful field for the patent-medicine business - Examples of the needless alarm they have caused - May be seen at times by any one - Simply an illusion caused. by mental strain - This strain easily relieved - Illustrative cases.

  • Chapter XXIV: Home Treatment Many persons can cure themselves of defective sight - Only necessary to follow a few simple directions - How to test the sight - Children who have not worn glasses cured by reading the Snellen test card every day - Adults of the same class also benefited in a short time - Cases of adults and children who have worn glasses more difficult - Glasses must be discarded - How to make a test card - Need of a teacher in difficult cases - Qualifications of such teachers - Duty of parents.

  • Chapter XXV: Correspondence Treatment Correspondence treatment usually regarded as quackery - Impossible in the case of most diseases - Errors of refraction, not being diseases, admit of such treatment - Glasses successfully fitted by mail - Less room for failure in correspondence treatment of imperfect sight without glasses - Personal treatment more satisfactory, but not always available - Examples of cases cured by correspondence - Need for the co-operation of local practitioners in such treatment.

  • Chapter XXVI: The Prevention of Myopia in Schools: Methods That Failed A much debated question - Literature on the subject voluminous and unreliable - All that is certainly known - Studies of Cohn - Confirmation of his observations by other investigators in America and Europe - Increase of myopia during school life unanimously attributed to near work - Inadequacy of this theory - Failure of preventive measures based upon it - New difficulties - The appeal to heredity - To natural adaptation - Objections to these views - Why all preventive measures have failed.

  • Chapter XXVII: The Prevention and Cure of Myopia and Other Errors of Refraction in Schools: A Method That Succeeded Production of eyestrain by unfamiliar objects - Relief by familiar objects - Facts furnish the means of preventing and curing errors of refraction in schools - By this means children often gain normal vision with incredible rapidity - Results in schools of Grand Forks, N. D.; New York, and other cities - Improvement in mentality of children as eyesight improved - Reformation of truants and incorrigibles - Hypermetropia and astigmatism prevented and cured - Method succeeded best when teachers did not wear glasses - Success would be greater still under a more rational educational system - Prevalence of defective sight in American children - Its results - Practically all cases preventable and curable - Inexpensiveness of method recommended - Imposes no additional burden on the teachers - Cannot possibly hurt the children - Directions for its use.

  • Chapter XXVIII: The Story of Emily Cure of defective eyesight by cured patients - Cures of fellow students, parents and friends by school children - Remarkable record of Emily - An illustration of the benefits to be expected from the author's method of preventing and curing imperfect sight in school children.

  • Chapter XXIX: Mind and Vision Poor sight one of the most fruitful causes of retardation in schools - More involved in it than inability to see - The result of an abnormal condition of the mind - This cannot be changed by glasses - Memory among faculties impaired when vision is impaired - Memory of primitive man may have been due to the same cause as his keen vision - A modern example of primitive memory combined with primitive keenness of vision - Correspondence between differences in the faculty of memory and differences in visual acuity - Memory and eyesight of children spoiled by the same causes - Both dependent upon interest - Illustrative cases - All the mental faculties improved when vision becomes normal - Examples of such improvement - Relief of symptoms of insanity by eye education - Facts indicate a close relation between the problems of vision and those of education.

  • Chapter XXX: Normal Sight and the Relief of Pain for Soldiers and Sailors Growth of militarism in the United States - Demand for universal military training - Lack of suitable material for such training - Defective eyesight greatest impediment to the raising of an efficient army - None more easily removed - Plan for correcting defects of vision submitted to Surgeon General during the war - Not acted upon - Now presented to the public with some modifications - First requisite eye education in schools and colleges - Eye education in training camps and at the front also needed, even for those whose sight is normal - How school system might be modified for military and naval use - Soldiers should not be allowed to wear glasses - Importance of eye training to aviators - Eye training for the relief of pain.

  • Chapter XXXI: Letters from Patients Army officer cures himself - A teacher's experiences - Mental effects of central fixation - Relief after twentyfive years - Search for myopia cure rewarded - Facts versus theories - Cataract relieved by central fixation.

  • Chapter XXXII: Reason and Authority Inaccessibility of average mind to reason - Facts discredited if contrary to authority - Patients discredit their own experience' under this influence - Cure of cataract ignored by medical profession - Expulsion of author from N. Y. Post Graduate Medical School for curing myopia - Man not a reasoning being - Consequences to the world.

  • Index

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Secret Code for Natural Eyesight & Vision Improvement-Part 1

Dr William Horatio Bates (1860-1931) Method for Eyesight Improvement

Natural Eyesight Improvement with the Bates Method

Natural Vision Therapy ( is a proven, non-intrusive, and holistic approach to improving short-sightedness (myopia), astigmatism, long-sightedness (hyperopia), and old-age blur (presbyopia) without the use of glasses or any medical aids. The Therapy re-educates the eyes and mind about the principles and habits of seeing clearly and naturally.

Its foundation is based on the Bates Method which is a time-tested solution for many functional vision problems. Dr Bates, an ophthalmologist, stopped prescribing glasses to his clients after noticing that their eye problems got progressively worse after wearing the "eye crutches". He discovered that the glasses, or eye crutches, actually prevents the eyes from healing itself naturally. His more than 30 years of research to find an alternative to eye glasses was published in "Perfect Sight Without Glasses" in 1912, . This book has been reprinted as "Better Eyesight Without Glasses", and is still a best seller in any leading bookstores today.

Dr Bates had helped thousands of adults and children to perfect sight without the use of glasses. The Bates Method is taught in many countries around the world by Bates teachers who are in one way or another had been taught by Dr Bates, his wife, Emily Bates or their disciples over a 80-year timeframe.

Why Glasses Don't Help

Glasses are 20 times over-powered when reading or writing since they are fitted for 20 feet and beyond.

Prescription glasses cause stress and strain, which contributes to increase in myopia (shortsightedness), presbyopia (longsightedness) and astigmatism.

You are always dependent on your prescription glasses.

You need to frequently upgrade your glasses to higher prescription and thicker glasses over time.

Glasses serve as an eye-crutch, preventing natural vision therapy (similar to physio-therapy).

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Exercitiile de intarire a vederii prin Metoda Bates

Medicul englez Dr William Horatio Bates (1860-1930) , oftalmolog specializat in boli de ochi la copii, este cel care si-a dat seama ca propria lui vedere incepe sa-l paraseasca. Ochii il dureau, iar cimpul vizual se ingustase. Aceeasi durere de cap de care se plingeau pacientii lui si care nu trecea cu medicamente. Dupa citeva luni de observatii asidue, Bates a elaborat o metoda de educare a vederii, pe care a expus-o pe larg in cartea sa, Imbunatatirea vederii, fara ochelari, aparuta in 1919. Vedere ameliorata dupa 25 de ani de deficit vizual. Doctorul chinuit de dureri la ochi si-a asezat palmele in fata ochilor, intr-o zi, incercind sa se relaxeze putin. Peste 10 minute, durerile de cap ii trecusera ca prin minune, ochii nu-i mai ardeau si avea un sentiment general de regenerare. Cind si-a luat miinile de pe ochi, a observat ca obiectele din jurul sau pareau mai distincte si aveau culori mai stralucitoare. Intrigat, a repetat metoda de relaxare si altadata, vazind ca are acelasi efect.In 1939, marele scriitor englez Aldous Huxley, pe atunci in virsta de 45 de ani, a constatat ca miopia sa se accentuase vertiginos si ca alentilele de grosimea sticlei de sifon nu ii mai erau de nici un folos. Atunci a auzit despre metoda lui Bates, pe care a aplicat-o. Dupa spusele sale, la doar doua luni de la inceperea exercitiilor putea sa citeasca fara ochelari, fara sa resimta tensiune sau oboseala. Drept urmare, Aldous Huxley a scris o carte intitulata "Arta de a vedea", in care povesteste cum i s-a ameliorat vederea dupa 25 de ani de deficit vizual. Cazul meu nu e unic, spune marele scriitor, mii de oameni atinsi de deficiente de vedere si le-au ameliorat fara urma, practicind regulile atit de simple ale artei vederii, pe care i le datoram lui Bates si discipolilor sai. Nu este decit o simpla modalitate de a relaxa ochii.William Bates avea un pacient in virsta de 70 de ani, care suferea de hipermetropie, astigmatism, presbitie si un inceput de cataracta. Purtase ochelari timp de mai bine de 40 de ani si aproape ca orbise cind a ajuns in cabinetul doctorului Bates. Acesta i-a recomandat metoda acoperirii ochilor, iar pacientul l-a intrebat daca trebuie sa o practice in mod excesiv. Doctorul i-a raspuns ca nu, pentru ca nu este decit o simpla modalitate de a-si relaxa ochii. Cind persoana respectiva a venit la consult peste citeva zile, i-a spus: Doctore, a fost greu, foarte greu, dar am reusit. Isi acoperise ochii incontinuu, timp de 20 de ore, si nu se oprise decit pentru a bea apa, dar nu mincase nimic. Bates i-a testat ochii fara ochelari. Pacientul putea sa citeasca, de la sase metri distanta, ultimul rind al unui tablou de lectura standard, ca si literele mici ale unui text, de la 15 si 50 de centimetri distanta. Examinarea a mai relevat ca pielita care acoperea cristalinul ochiului - manifestare a inceputului de cataracta - se subtiase simtitor. Chiar si peste doi ani, opacitatea nu a mai crescut deloc.

Cele 7 exercitii de baza ale lui Bates

Repausul ochilor: Asezati-va confortabil pe un scaun, cu coatele sprijinite pe-o perna pusa pe masa sau pe birou. Relaxati-va. Cu spatele si gitul tinute drept, acoperiti-va ochii cu palmele, astfel incit sa nu mai patrunda deloc lumina, dar fara sa ii atingeti. Ginditi-va la lucruri placute sau ascultati la radio o melodie placuta. Pentru a imbunatati exercitiul, inainte de a va acoperi ochii cu palmele, uitati-va la o bucata de catifea neagra. Practicati acest exercitiu vreme de zece minute, de doua ori pe zi sau ori de cite ori va dor ochii sau ii simtiti obositi.

Rememorari: In timp ce practicati repausul descris mai sus, incercati - fara a face eforturi prea mari - sa revedeti in memorie un obiect sau un eveniment, cu mare lux de amanunte si in cit mai multe culori. Conform afirmatiilor doctorului Bates, unul din pacientii sai izbutise sa dobindeasca o ameliorare a vederii dupa ce vizualizase un magnific nasture din aur. Conform opiniei specialistului, apelul la memoria vizuala duce la o perceptie mult mai clara a lucrurilor din realitatea imediata.

Privitul in toate directiile: Obiectele nu trebuie privite fix, asa cum au tendinta sa faca cei care poarta ochelari. Incercati sa va schimbati privirea de la un punct de interes la altul. Pe masura ce ochii dvs. se relaxeaza, miscarea globilor oculari devine mai putin rigida si vederea se intareste.

Acomodarea: Presupune obisnuirea succesiva a vederii la apropiere si la distanta. Tineti doua creioane (sau degetele aratatoare ridicate), unul la o distanta de circa 10 cm de ochi, celalalt - la capatul bratului intins. Fixati cu privirea 5 secunde primul creion, bateti de doua ori din pleoape, apoi fixati creionul din departare si bateti iar din pleoape de doua ori, inainte de a reveni cu privirea pe creionul apropiat, si asa mai departe. Repetati cit mai des acest exercitiu.

Clipitul din pleoape: Obisnuiti-va sa clipiti regulat, de doua ori la zece secunde, pentru a va curata si lubrifia ochii - mai ales daca purtati ochelari sau lentile de contact.

Spalarea ochilor: In fiecare dimineata clatiti-va ochii, tinuti inchisi, de 20 de ori cu apa calda, apoi de 20 de ori cu apa rece, pentru a stimula circulatia. Faceti acelasi lucru si seara, dar invers, incepind cu apa rece si terminind cu apa calda.

Balansul: In picioare, cu talpile indepartate, leganati-va usor de la dreapta la stinga si de la stinga la dreapta, lasind privirea sa se miste o data cu corpul. Constientizati balansul cimpului vizual, pentru ca de el depind odihna si destinderea ochilor. Repetati exercitiul cit mai des cu putinta. Un fond sonor agreabil ii aduce un spor de eficienta

Practicati aceste exercitii regulat. Reusita depinde de perseverenta.

Relaxati-va cit mai mult cu putinta in timpul exercitiilor. Un git prea teapan, umeri si muschi incordati nu favorizeaza relaxarea ochilor.

Cititi la o lumina potrivita, clipiti cit mai des si ridicati ochii in sus dupa terminarea fiecarei pagini.

Daca lucrati pe calculator, faceti exercitiul de odihnire a ochilor din 20 in 20 de minute, vreme de un minut.

Nu faceti exercitiile Bates cu ochelarii pe nas sau cu lentilele de contact nescoase.

Evitati sa puneti prea multa vigoare sau tensiune in aceste exercitii. Scopul lor este sa destinda ochii, si nu sa-i surmeneze.

Evitati sa faceti lucruri care agreseaza ochii, precum privitul prea indelungat la televizor, mai ales in obscuritate.

Daca in timpul exercitiilor de repaus al ochilor vedeti pete de culoare sau diverse imagini, va trebui sa va relaxati mai mult.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Collective Consciousness and Earth Consciousness

Human being as a conscious feedback of the Universe
The Hidden History of the Human Race tells us about the fact that the present human being has forgotten its true identity as a conscious feedback of the universe.There are hidden traditions that the human being is a member of a fourth level very advanced cosmic civilization of gods- that can create not only ideas, music, literature, but also ... new universes ...

"Jesus said to them, Is it not written in your law, I said You are gods?"

Does the Bible teach that we are gods, or that we ever will be gods? Those who teach this refer to John 10:34, “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” as the scriptural base for such belief.

Conscious Universe(atoms,water...)

A planet is a living entity with its own consciousness
commune with their planet to create a harmonious relationship.

Dr Wolf says:"Some planets grow buildings of pure silicon for the inhabitants out of unconditional love. I have seen and held this silicon. I have also witnessed Zetas communicate with Earth."
Impartial love and awareness is the beginning and the end of the way for the unfoldement of the consciousness of universe in ourselves
Calea de a ne aminti cine suntem,pt a deveni flautul in care canta Divinitatea are drept inceput si sfarsit iubirea si constienta impartiala;toti oamenii ,adormiti, sau nu,sunt ochii si urechile Constiintei Cosmice,terminale senzoriale si efectoare prin care Marea Minte vede, se manifesta si actioneaza(si acest lucru era cunoscut in toate traditiile spirituale autentice de pe Terra ,inainte de a fi confiscate,deformate-vedeti "Thiaoouba Prophecy"

Thiaoouba Prophecy, by M. Desmarquet, first published as "Abduction to the 9th Planet", is one of the most fascinating books ever written. There are no theories or fantasy in it, only an exact witness report of the Reality of the Universe.

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si diagrama SYMBOLS AND AWAKENING din blogul:Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Fiecare om este in Sine -una semenii sai si cu Divinitatea;trupul fiecarei fiinte umane este templul in care locuieste scanteia Divina ,dar omul a uitat sa iubeasca si sa caute sa redevina constient de adevarata sa identitate-de Sine insusi ,ca tezaur si centru al universului ;uitand ca este un izvor, o scanteie divina,o fiinta spirituala omul s-a lasat identificat cu viata efemera a unui vas(corpul,haina materiala)si cu tintele acestuia, transformandu-se progresiv intr-un recipient in care acumuleaza cunostiinte,placeri,experiente senzoriale ....intr-o umbra neputincioasa ...intr-un cadavru viu care se fereste de iubire si de constienta..Civilizatiile extraterestre afirma ca oamenii de pe Terra sunt fiinte ce apartin unor civilizatii de gradul IV(vedeti afirmatiile lui Wolf pe blogul :UFO OZN VIMANA VAILIXI) care pot sadi samanta unor noi universuri ...Fiinte care au uitat cine sunt si care se lasa transformate pe banda rulanta in zombii ,in roboti fara iubire,in recipiente... O planeta vie ca Terra este o entitate constienta care este perturbata de fiintele recipient care azi o ocupa in proportie de peste 99% .Fiintele recipient,care au renuntat la emisia iubirii neconditionate si la constienta sunt eliminate atunci cand ajung peste un prag critic(al emisiei perturbatoare) . Via care nu rodeste este taiata";"omul care nu-si implineste menirea este eliminat prin moarte-nu ajunge la nemurire";civilizatii nenumarate de pe terra au fost eliminate-razboaiele nucleare ,catastrofele naturale nu sunt decat modalitati prin care s-au auto-anihilat";fiintele trezite la constienta si iubire neconditionata stiu ca evenimentele catastrofice ciclice nu sunt intamplatoare efecte ale interactiunii dintre constiinta colectiva umana si cea planetara...deja emisia de ura si utilizarea gresita a constientei de catre fiintele de pe terra perturba tot mai mult echilibrul din constiinta cosmica..

Water Answers to our Love

418_emoto Questo è veramente un libro incredibile. Masaru Emoto è uno scienziato giapponese che ha avuto la brillante idea di fotografare i cristalli d'acqua. Le scoperte lasciano a bocca aperta. Al di là delle bellissime immagini, scoprirete che persino un pensiero può modificare questi cristalli. L'acqua ha memoria e reagisce agli stimoli esterni! Pensate quanto è importante conoscere le meraviglie dell'acqua sapendo che il corpo umano è in gran parte liquido... Ho seguito il lavoro di Emoto anche nei precedenti libri, ma in questo racconta la sua teoria. Assolutamente da leggere!

Pentru unii savanti care nu vad conexiunea profunda la nivel informational dintre tot ce exista cercetarile lui Masaru Emoto sunt pure speculatii/Some scientist consider Emoto's researches as Myths and Nonsense

Masaru Emoto - WasserkristalleMasaru Emoto - Die Botschaft des WassersMasaru Emoto - Die Antwort des WassersBergkristallwasser:

Wir empfehlen die Werke von Masaru Emoto, einem japanischen Forscher, der 1996 entdeckt hat, dass Wasser Informationen aufnehmen, speichern und abgeben kann. Unser bedeutendster Wasserforscher weltweit. Lesen Sie seine Bücher und Sie werden danach nur noch Bergkristallwasser trinken - und auch wissen, warum.

What the #$*! Do We Know?!

No, I'm not going obscene, this is the title of a new motion picture that's changing people's perceptions of the world and themselves. I saw it tonight and I think it deserves at least one blog in reference to providing new insight into understanding our emotions and behaviors.The movie uses the field of quantum mechanics to scientifically explain that we literally (in no exaggeration of the word whatsoever) create our own reality, that how we think and what we say changes our environment fundamentally in real time.

Hmmm... now if the creatives could just utilize this understanding in building their own cool places, neighborhoods and towns. How? Read on...

The movie used images from a study by Dr. Masaru Emoto, published in Hidden Messages in Water: The image on the left is a water crystal's 'reaction' to the words/emotion, "You make me sick", the one on the right to the words/emotion, "Love and gratitude" As the movie states, "If words can do this to water, imagine what it can do to people."

One of the scientists in the movie, Dr. Joe Dispenza, states how this newly found knowledge can help you create your own reality, perhaps your own cool town?

"I wake up in the morning, and I consciously create my day the way I want it to happen... When I create my day, and out of nowhere, little things happen that are so unexplainable, I know that they are the process or the result of my creation. And the more I do that, the more I build a neural net, in my brain, that I accept that that's possible... Now, if it is in fact, the observer's watching me the whole time that I'm doing this, and there is a spiritual aspect to myself, then, show me a sign today, that you paid attention to any one of these things that I created, and bring them in a way that I won't expect."

Water is becoming a more and more important topic these days. Stimulated by the research work of the American biotechnologist Dr. Lee H. Lorenzen, Masaru Emoto has proven by longstanding research, that water is provided with a so called bio-resonance. Thus water is capable of reflecting human thoughts or actions and can change its state accordingly. This can be shown and experienced by the method of crystallization.

On the left is a frozen water sample from the lake at Fujiwara dam in Japan.
After the taking of the water sample, the Highest Priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, Kato Hoki, had been praying for an hour next to the dam. The sample that had been taken afterwards is shown on the right. The mud-colored, unshaped sample has changed to a bright hexagon. This example shows how important the human communication with the environment seems to be.
Another example:

Stimulated by Emoto’s research, Japanese students have filled 3 vessels with water and have planted rice. They labeled the first one e.g. with the positive term ‘love’. The second was labeled with the negative term ‘idiot’. The 3rd wasn’t labeled at all. The result was: In the first container grew very tasty rice. In vessel Nr. 2 grew rather tasteless rice. And in the third vessel the rice was rotten. According to Emoto there is nothing worse than indifference.
Water bottles labeled with the words ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ develop the most beautiful crystals. Emoto is convinced that the life-phenomena of nature are based on ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’.

He explains that the water molecule H2O consists of ONE oxygen atom (O) and TWO hydrogen atoms (H2). The oxygen atom symbolizes fire and activity, it’s equivalent to love. Hydrogen is equivalent to gratitude.

Emoto has concluded from this, that only if gratitude exists twice (H2) love can take an active shape and have an effect.

Love Thyself

We are all water-I reccomend this book from the bottom of my heart

We showed the word "War"to the water on the left, Smashing through the crystal of"Peace",a crystal formed resembling the moment the jet airliners crashed into the World Trade Center on 9.11.Amazingly this picture was taken before the 9.11.We showed the word "Peace" to the water on the right.A crystal that looked like a fusion of "Love and thanks"appeared


by John Lennon

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will live as one

This is the crystal exposed to the song "Imagine" by John Lennon.Like the words of this song, it is a beautiful and unique crystal where each individual element grows freely and with perfect harmony

Travis - Closer (Live)


What Can Science Tell Us About Collective Consciousness?

by Robert Kenny, MBA (PhD) © 2004 Robert Kenny and Leaderful Teams Consulting from:

TABLE of CONTENTS [click on any heading]

Make and Drink Your Own Emoto HADO Water

Here are some steps you can take to prepare and drink the HADO water. Buy some mineral water. If you can find some in a glass container, that's best. The plastic containers leach plasticizers into the water that pollute it. Tap water is hard to purify because the chlorine seems to affect the structure even after the chlorine evaporates according to Dr. Emoto's research.
Keep a gallon or two of mineral water in front of a music source where you can play purifying water music. In Dr. Emoto's two books, you can find out the names of various symphonies and songs that produce great crystals. Some of these musical sources of HADO include Beethoven's Ninth, John Lennon's Imagine, and Amazing Grace.
Prepare a HADO bottle of water. This process if highly individual.
Start with a clear glass jar. One that holds about a quart is fine. Peel off any labels and clean the outside of the jar. Cut out small pieces of paper (about 3" by 5").
Write messages on the pieces of paper.
One message should be "Love and Gratitude".
If you have some illness or pain you want to go away, another message can be "[Name of pain or illness] Has Gone". A third message should be "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony".
I also suggest you put a message on another sheet of paper with the name of your religion.
Tape these messages onto the outside of the container so that they face inward towards the water.
Put them in different places on the outside so that no message obscures any other message in facing the water inside.
Keep this HADO jar full of mineral water that has been in front of your speakers that have been vibrating with high HADO music.
Keep the water away from microwaves, televisions, computers and cell phones. All of those energy sources harm the structure of water as shown in Dr. Emoto's photographs.
Drink as often as possible from the HADO jar and refill it. Drink the amount of water that's healthy for you. But try to get as much of that water as possible from this jar. You can carry some of the water with you when you are away from your source.
Be thankful as you drink the water.
Dr. Emoto's experiments suggest that you will further purify the water if you say or think the following thoughts as you drink the water:
"We love you, water."
"Thank you, water."
"We will take care of you, water."
Also thank God and the Angels for the water and ask them to bless it as you drink it.
Notice any changes that occur after you begin drinking HADO water and eating high HADO foods.You may notice no changes . . . or you may notice quite a few. Finding some improvement is essential to seeing whether this approach is for you.