Keep alive your Love and Awareness !
Sa tinem vie flacara Iubirii si a Constientei !
"Terra-A world that was about to be destroyed by our lack of Love and Awareness(the misuse of our consciousness)"[ Kogi Civilization]
"Terra- O lume care a fost pe punctul de a fi distrusa din cauza lipsei noastre de Iubire si de Constienta(utilizarea gresita a constientei)[ Kogi Civilization]
"Without going outside,You can know the whole universe. Without looking out,You can see the Way of Heaven/Fara sa treci pragul usii, se poate cunoaste intreg universul, Fara sa privesti pe fereastra,se poate vedea Calea Cerului" (Lao Tzu 47)
Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional
Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional/Fiecare fiinta constienta din acest univers este multi-dimensionala;"A crede nu este suficient. Trebuie sa Vedeti si sa descoperiti experimental ca stelele se afla in raza dvs. de actiune fiindca sunteti deja inzestrati cu o nava cu hiperpropulsie(care curbeaza spatiul si timpul)- propriul dvs. corp,ce poate calatori in timp si spatiu in intregul univers"(Mirahorian);"Every conscious being in this universe is multi-dimensional;Believing is not enough.You need to SEE that the stars are within your reach because you have already a hyperdrive ship to travel in all the universe-your own body" -(Mirahorian).Daca nu ati auzit pana acum de la cei care va tin prizonieri, de la cei care v-au implantat false credinte si identitati(gardienii care v-au virusat) aflati ca orice fiinta umana de pe Terra apartine unei civilizatii extraterestre superavansate de grad IV, in care fiecare entitate este eterna si poate insamanta noi universuri, se poate teleporta, poate calatori in timp si spatiu, fara alte mijloace tehnologice in afara generatorului de impulsuri, care este propriul creier(toate entitatile biologice extratereste sunt interdimensionale ca si noi; entitatile din Zeta Reticuli, cu pielea similara cu cea a delfinilor, pe care acestea ii considera veri, nu au putut fi tinute captive decat in incinte in care se mentinea un puternic camp electromagnetic, care impiedica shiftul, iesirea din dimensiunea noastra; nordicii sau blonzii nu au putut fi niciodata sa fie capturati, incarcerati).
Huge spaceship on the Moon/Nave uriase pe Luna
EBE Mona Lisa" was found by the LEM crew in one of the two triangular spacecrafts resting on the far side of the Moon, not too far from the cigar-shaped object where "Mona Lisa"- Pilotul uneia din cele doua nave triunghiulare(modul de salvare) aflate in vecinatatea navei in forma de trabuc de 4 km lungime si diametru de 551 m, care a creat pe fata ascunsa a Lunii un crater a carui varsta este estimata la 3,5 miliarde de ani
"In the composing of music you have to enter virtually a trance state to transmit songs. I don't think you write songs. They come through you"(Sting)
Revealing the Hidden Nature of Human Being as a bridge in the Awakening of the Consciousness of the Universe is a knowledge that was hidden from the human race all through history. This blog is dedicated to the awakening of self-knowledge of the universe manifested in us that will reveal our hidden powers that can help the man to discover his true identity and to save THE EARTH and our civilization from self-annihilation.

In acest site sunt evidentiate traditiile prin care omul redevine puntea prin care universul redevine constient de el insusi si isi descopera adevarata sa identitate de fiinta spirituala manifestata in corp material;acest proces de trezire a universului conduce la manifestarea puterilor divine ale omului care poate sa restabileasca armonia si sa repare matricea energetica si informationala a Terrei si a universului.

Cea mai mare dintre toate invataturile spirituale este ca Scanteia Divina se afla in fiecare dintre noi, in miezul fiintei noastre
Iisus spunea: «Imparatia lui Dumnezeu nu vine in asa fel ca sa izbeasca privirile. Nu se poate zice: Uite-o aici ! sau: "Uite-o acolo!"
Caci iata ca Imparatia lui Dumnezeu este inlauntrul vostru"»
(Luca 17.20-21; Rom.144.17; Vers.23)].
The greatest of all spiritual teaching is that the Divine spark is inside you, in your Heart; You can discover your treasure using love and awareness to awake yourself.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Quotes:
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience
We are spiritual beings having a human experience"
"Nu suntem fiinte umane care au o experienta spirituala
Suntem fiinte spirituale care au o experienta umana(in trup material)"
Adica nu suntem paharul(vasul material),
ci apa nemuritoare a vietii aflata in el
Namely,we aren't the vessel, the glass of water ,
but the immortal water in it

Din aceasta cauza vine constatarea de mai jos:
That is why Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said:

"Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven't committed"

"Imbatranirea este ca si cum am fi progresiv pedepsiti pt. o crima pe care nu am comis-o"

What we haven't committed ?
We didn't link our material body to the source...the spring of life..we didn't realized the graal in our heart , the awakening of love, the holographic state of existence
Ce nu am facut ?
Nu am racordat corpul material la izvorul am realizat in inima noastra graalul,trezirea iubirii,starea holografica de existenta...
This process of awakening to our true identity is taking place in a state beyond subject-object duality of holographic functioning known as mystic trance or samadhi(trance,that state of mind which remains with its object without distractions; superconscious state, ecstasy, meditative or concentrative absorption, union).
ALIEN INTERVIEW/INTERVIU CU UN EXTRATERESTRU "Truth is stranger than fiction"/"Adevarul este mai straniu decat fictiunea"
Infrangerea flotei spatiale a "Vechiul Imperiu" Galactic din sistemul nostru solar in 1150 e.n a condus la inflorirea stiintei si culturii pe Terra.. "The Domain Expeditionary Force has observed a resurgence in science and culture of the Western world since 1150 AD when the remaining remnants of the space fleet of the "Old Empire" in this solar system were destroyed
The term trance is defined as an altered state of consciousness which individuals can enter through a variety of techniques, including hypnotism, drugs (aushadhi, potions, herbs, consecrated plants;see the Nahuatl– Maya’s traditions revealed by Carlos Castaneda or The Shamanic Traditions revealed by Dr. Andrija Puharich in “The Sacred Mushroom (pub. 1959),sound (particularly music ,percussive drumming-remember Mantras,(recitation of incantations,words of power, chanting,sacred chants, prayer, auto and hetero suggestions;see the King Arthur's instruction"in chant,spells and incantations" received from the druid Merlin etc.), sensory deprivation, physical hardships (eg. flagellation, starvation, exhaustion, tapas:intense desire, ascetic disciplines,purificatory acts ,austerities) and vigorous continuous rhythmic exercise (particularly dance).People can also use trance, particularly in the context of ‘ritual’ events, to learn new strategies of thinking or of relating to one another.There are different types of learning: for example what Eric Jantsch calls ‘conscious learning’ is a transaction between consciousness, the environment and memory. Jantsch also identifies ‘superconscious learning’, which takes place with the addition of ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ ways of learning. These arise through the interaction of consciousness with transpersonal mass/collective consciousness (eg. Jung’s "collective unconscious")There are other techniques which can be used for such ‘tuning in’, for example magical or shamanic practices such as visualisations, breathing techniques and ritual. Particular technologies can also be used to enhance such learning capacities, for example the ASCID (Altered States of Consciousness Induction Device) developed by Robert Masters and Jean Houston (1973). The modern electronic music dance party is one such ‘pscycho- technology’ because it is an information system, consisting of visual, auditory and sensual elements.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tairona civilization-The Kogi Tribe and the Earth's Soul

Civilizatia Tairona-tribul Kogi din Columbia despre sufletul planetei Terra
Tairona civilization-The Kogi Tribe in Columbia, are the only tribe the Spanish didn't conquer
They are aware of a great change... that is coming now, to planet Earth
Civilizatia Tairona si tribul Kogi din Columbia despre sufletul planetei Terra

Tairona - Kogi

The Tairona were a precolombian civilization in the region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the present-day Magdalena and La Guajira Departments of Colombia, South America which goes back to the 1st century AD and showed documented growth around in the 11th century. The Tairona people formed one of the two principal groups of the Chibcha and were pushed into submarginal regions by the Spanish conquest. The Kogi indigenous people who live in the area today are direct descendants of the Tairona.

Knowledge sources about the precolombian Tairona civilization are limited to archaeological findings and a few written references from the Spanish colonial era. A major city of the Tairona and archaeological site is today known as Ciudad Perdida (Spanish for "Lost City"), it was discovered by treasure hunters in 1975. The Tairona are known to have built terraced platforms, house foundations, stairs, sewers, tombs, and bridges from stone. Use of pottery for utilitarian and ornamental/ceremonial purposes was also highly developed.

Concepts of Earth as a Consciousness Entity

Concepts of earth energy, especially surrounding the idea... of the Earth

as a consciousness body, are found... the world over. From small, remote tribes... in

the Andes mountains... to members of the most notorious fascist

groups... in the world, humans have constantly expressed... relationships

with the earth. They include... patterns of energy and respect... for the

planet... as a mother, protector, or, alternately, as something that

needs healing... as our own bodies do.

Some of the similarities... between these systems of belief... are so

striking; that people... who never spoke to one another, who never

knew... of each others' existence, could reach the same conclusions,

about planetary energies.

It is my belief... that when working with the energies... at a

given site, we are working... with something living. Whether

we consider the Earth itself... a being, or simply see it... as a

complex system... of interwoven organisms, there is no

denying... that it is alive.

It is important to remember... that we, in many cases, have

power... over the planet, and we must take caution... to treat

it with respect... as well as caution. Sometimes, its energies...

can have powerful, and not always positive effects, but

understanding... how different cultures... view these energies...

can help guide us... in our own paths.

The Kogi Tribe in Columbia

A man named Ellis, who used to work closely... with Hunbatz Men,

came and began to tell this story. He said that... in Columbia, there

was an aboriginal tribe... deep in the Amazon jungle... called the Kogi.

They had no language... and "spoke" only telepathically... to each other.

In truth, they made little sounds, but these sounds... were not logically

arranged... into any pattern... such as an alphabet.

They were just sounds, but these sounds...

came from the heart... not the mind... and

created images... inside your head, and you

could "see" what the other person... was


Ellis said... that they were able to "travel" out of body clearly... and knew

everything... that was happening around the world, though they had never

physically left... their homeland. They had never even tried... to

communicate.. with the outside world, except to a very fortunate few.

The Kogi... do not see us... as "sleeping" as many of the Hindu

and Oriental religions perceive us. The Kogi... see us as "dead".

We are not alive, but only shadows... of the energy we could be.

We do not have enough... life force energy and consciousness... to

be classified by them as real people.

And the Kogi believed... with the use of their psychic abilities, they

could see the future clearly. And what they saw... was similar to

what many other tribes... around the world saw, a world... that was

about to be destroyed... by the misuse of consciousness.

So sometime ago... they traveled over the whole world... in their light

bodies... searching for anyone... who is alive. And in the whole world,

they could only find one other tribe... who were Mayan... that lived far

in the jungles... of Guatemala. They were so happy... to find someone

else... who was alive.

But the Kogi belief, their prophesy, was that with the coming... of the

Eclipse... on August 11th, of 1999... all the world... would stop and

only the Kogi and this one other Mayan tribe... would survive to inhabit

the Earth. This is why they were so happy... to find someone else...

other than themselves... who understood.

Then when the eclipse... slowly revealed its face... on the 11th of August,

it became apparent to the Kogi... that something had happened... since

the time... they had searched... the world for life.

Something that they could not understand... for the "great change" had

happened, and we, the "dead" ones... were still here. We should have

dissolved back... into the Dream. Not that they wanted us to, that was

not their nature. It simply should have happened.

So the Kogi... set out to find out... why the "dead ones" were still on

Earth, and as they searched... the living vibrating records... of this Reality,

they found... exactly where and why... it had happened.

Some of the "dead ones", had become alive, and had created a

dream... with enough life force... to "save the world" as we know it.

In our terms, some of us... had created a "parallel world", where life

could continue to grow, a world... where the "dead" could become alive.

The Kogi... were so specific... to locate... exactly who these people

were... that were creating this change... that had altered the world's


The Kogi... saw these people... with living bodies of light ...

around them. People who had activated their "Light Bodies"

or in the ancient terms, their "Mer-Ka-Ba".

History of the Kogi Tribe

The Kogi... are an indigenous people... who live in a mountain... in

the high Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains... of northern

Colombia, in South America. Their remote mountain home... is situated

in Northern Columbia, and is considered to be the highest coastal

mountain range... in the world.

Spanish Invasion - 1500's

In 1498, the Spaniards arrived... in Northern

Colombia... enslaving the native Indians. The

Kogi... fled to the mountaintop... where they

have managed... to remain... an isolated tribe

ever since.

During the Spanish Conquest, the narrow coastal strip bordering the

Sierra Nevada... was the scene... of violent battles... in which, the

European invaders... tried to subdue... the Indians... who put up fierce

resistance. The Kogi, are the only tribe... the Spanish... didn't conquer.

These Indians, known as the Tairona, had reached by the early sixteenth

century... a high level... of cultural development, making them... amongst

the most advanced... of all the aboriginal groups... of the Kingdom of

New Grenada... what is today Columbia.

The tribe known as 'Los Kogui' are the direct descendants of the

Tairona civilization... and are today's custodians of that ancient culture.

The Tairona culture... flourished in Northern Colombia.. around 1,000 AD.

They left behind... stunning gold artwork, stone and pottery artifacts...

and an amazing network... of brick roads... covering the Sierra Nevada.

They have a population... of approximately 12,000 people.

They live to a very old age, mostly in good health.

These huts... are those... of what is known, as the Kankurua. To

penetrate a Kankurua... is to enter into contact... with the nine

worlds... and the nine states of consciousness... that make it up.

They plant crops and live off the land.

They prefer not to mix... with outsiders. Few Colombians, or those

from the outside worlds, are allowed to enter their mountain.

They marry in their culture.

Some say... they have moved beyond verbal language, using tones

to create... colorful images... in their minds... rather than thoughts...

expressed as sentences. Some Kogi... speak telepathically... to

each other.

The Kogis... constantly move about... from place to place, between

their different abodes... spread among... the different levels... of the

Sierra Nevada mountain range. This is one way... in which, they

take care of their nutritional needs... without abusing the environment.





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